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Something Different

Something Different ciders represent our efforts to craft innovative cider blends that express the fresh and local flavours of the Annapolis Valley for a cider experience that is truly something different. From Peach & Peppercorn to Wine & Strawberry, each cider is unique, crafted in small batches and available for a limited time only.

Each bottle of Something Different is poured fresh at our cidery directly from our tanks in the cellar into our signature 750 mL refillable bottles. In addition to showcasing the diversity of the Annapolis Valley, $0.50 of every refill goes to support a local charity.


Current Something Different

Sbagliato Spritz

Charity: Landmark East School

The bitterness of fresh Aronia berries inspired this botanical, cocktail-esque cider. We used Geneva Crab Apple juice as the base of this cider which was fermented on the pressed Aronia berries themselves. We then made Aronia and Elderberry wine and added this back to the Geneva ferment. The result was a rich red berry and earthy concoction with a lovely bitter/tart balance. After aging on blood and navel oranges for another month, a harmonizing citrus element added the finishing touch. Sort of a cider version of an aperol spritz, this one comes at a perfect time for enjoyment in the sun.


Previous Something Differents


Charity: Boys and Girls Club of Greater Halifax

Definitely a more traditional cider, Robuste was fermented in medium French Oak, and then split up and aged for another year in both rum barrels in addition to two different grades of French oak. Needless to say, the oak carries on the palette, along with rich notes of vanilla and caramel coupled with some barrel funk and enough acidity to finish clean. Composed entirely of heirloom varieties like Golden Nugget and Golden Russet, as well as traditional English cider varieties like Porter’s Perfection, Dabinette and Kingston Black, Robuste is a strong dry cider that sips wonderfully.

Pink Pamplemousse

Charity: Chrysalis House

Puckering but pleasing, pink pamplemousse pours out a delicious ruby pink and promises bright notes of red berry, grapefruit, lime and lavender. It’s a blend of a grapefruit forward hop ferment left to steep on lavender flowers for a week or two, an arrested strawberry wine ferment (not quite half fermented) and a splash of fresh raspberry juice. This tart, tongue tantalizing cider has just enough sweetness to keep it fresh and clean. To top it all off, it’s just so pretty in the glass too.

Melon Margarita

Charity: Shelter Movers Nova Scotia

I just wanted to do something with watermelon. They are so juicy and refreshing, so I aimed at creating a cider with both of those qualities at the forefront. This was another cider fermented in two parts: a watermelon coferment (think cider fermenting with literal truckloads of fresh watermelons) that included cucumber as well, and a hopped lime ferment to add the ‘limeyness’ necessary in a margarita. The cucumber added a bit of vegetal smokiness and voila, mix the two together with some fresh honeycrisp and watermelon juice and the result is a refreshing, sweet-tart balanced cider, that I personally can’t put down.

Bouquet Rosé

Charity: The Mudley Fund

Inspired by the bountiful blooms of beautiful spring flowers, I felt compelled to create a cider that celebrated these beauties. Composed of 4 separate ferments including a lilac co-ferment, a magnolia and dandelion cyser and a blueberry wine this unique rosé is a coalescence of nostalgic flavours and aromas from the garden. And just like those flowers it’s gorgeous, a real stunner in the glass. Search for subtle hints of lilac on the palate as you wade through the deep honeyed-bitterness of magnolia and dandelion, punctuated with blueberry and nectarine for brightness and balance.

Imperial Gimlet

Charity: Canadian Red Cross - Nova Scotia & Atlantic Canada Fires Appeal

It started with one of my favourite cocktails - the French Gimlet. Basically, the things are upwards of 10,000% delicious, but with 3 shots of hard liquor, too strong to enjoy more than one at a time. So I thought, ‘Hey, I think maybe I can ferment something like this,’ and guess what, I think it worked. It’s sweet, it’s sour, it’s floral and of course punchy with elderflower and berry. A combination of two ferments, a lime, hops citrus boosting ferment and an elderflower, floral aroma boosting ferment that come together to make for one enjoyable summer beverage.

Cherry Cola

Charity: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC)

Some might call it an oddball cider, Cherry Cola is certainly surprising, but in the best possible way. It’s a bit contradictory, quirky but mature; nostalgic but out of the box. The fun and fruity side comes out of the gates with rich cherry and double-bubble notes while the more subtle aspects come through with vanilla, bitter kola nut, citrus bitters and warm spice on the finish. Be sure to take a breath in through your mouth after tasting to nab as many of those magic cherry cola aromatics as you can.

Cranberry Mimosa

Charity: Elderdog Canada

A vibrant and vivacious ruby-tinted cider that announces short and t-shirt season through a megaphone. Cranberry Mimosa gets its big citrus punch from fresh tangelos and navel oranges soaked in our base cider for a couple of weeks. Its initial sweetness is balanced expertly with a crisp finish of grapefruit and orange peel. Complementing the citrus backbone of this cider and providing the ruby tint, is the addition of fresh pressed, bright red cranberry juice. Best served cold with friends and sunshine.

Cosmic Peach

Charity: Ducks Unlimited Canada - Atlantic

Bursting with bright tropical and peach notes, Cosmic Peach aims to provide you with some relief from the cold days of winter with a blast of summer flavours.Golden Russet and Cox Orange Pippin apples provide the backbone for this cider with the tropical flavours and aromas coming from the specialty yeast and hops we used during fermentation. A dose of cryo-extracted Annapolis Valley peach juice brings these flavours together and hopefully a smile to your face.

Autumn Sweater

Charity: HOPE worldwide Canada (Halifax)

Surprisingly soft and subtle, Autumn sweater is a cider that gets better with each sip, revealing more of itself with each sip. Beginning with fresh pressed MacIntosh apple juice we added several hundred pounds of ripe peaches and co-fermented for 6 weeks. To this supple base cider, we added a hint of ceylon cinnamon bark and a touch of local pear juice to create the light seasonal sweater version of a cider, evoking the Fall leaves and the warm, low angled rays of the Sun this time of year. Enjoy with turkey, roast chicken or by itself with a blanket out on the deck watching the autumn sun go down.


Charity: Micmac Benevolent Society

As cool autumn winds replace summer sunshine, we long for those rejuvenating rays. Crafted with this in mind, Starberry is a bright ruby red cider, with lively notes of fresh raspberry. This 6.8% ABV cider has infusions of star anise and fennel seed creating depth and warm notes of spice and navel orange. This cider will bring you back to barefoot days at the beach, while offering the warmth we seek with the onset of Fall. Think of a Shirley Temple…a grown up taste of summer fun in a glass!

Blueberry Crabapple 

Charity: Nova Scotia Nature Trust

This 7.4% ABV off-dry sparkling cider is a nod to our Nova Scotian roots - featuring our signature cool-fermented cider together with fresh pressed local blueberries, and balanced with a splash of tart hyslop crabapple juice. With floral berry notes and ample tannins, this cider is brisk, clean and refreshing with a palate cleansing astringency.

Strawberry Sangria 

Charity: Ronald McDonald House Charities Atlantic

This 6.5% ABV cider and wine blend is a party in a glass! Featuring fresh-pressed local strawberries, cranberries and apples, combined with tangy orange juice and all blended together with a beautiful local Riesling wine from our friends at Ste. Famille winery. With bold berry notes and bright acidity, this salmon-hued cider is full bodied, easy drinking, and best enjoyed with a lively crowd.

Black Cherry & Rosemary 

Charity: Valley Hospice Foundation

This 6.4% ABV sparkling cider features a generous dose of freshly pressed local black cherries, blended with cool fermented cider and lightly infused with bright and savory rosemary. Full bodied with a deep crimson color, this cider showcases prominent black cherry tannins, and delivers luscious upfront notes of ripe berries and cherry preserves, accented by a subtle earthy and herbaceous finish.

Cranberry Mule 

Charity: B For Kai

Move over ginger beer - our signature cool fermented cider brings the bubbles in this twist on the classic Moscow Mule, featuring fresh-pressed local cranberries, together with a warming dash of ginger juice and just a squeeze of lime. Light in body with a clean, tart finish, this 6.1% ABV scarlet-hued cider is both playful and refreshing . Serve over ice with a sprig of fresh mint for the full cocktail experience!

Arctic Kiwi Rosé 

Charity: Wolfville & Area Food Bank

This 6.1% ABV sparkling cider was created using local arctic kiwis together with our signature dry fermented cider, and finished with a healthy dose of fresh-pressed Geneva crab apple juice. With a similar flavour profile to the common kiwi, these lesser known berries add body and bring bright, tropical notes to the cider. Red-fleshed Geneva crab apples balance this juicy blend, providing a slightly tart astringency, and a fetching blush colour.

Peach & Ginger

Charity: Nova Scotia Native Women's Association (NSNWA)

This full-bodied 5.7% sparkling cider was created by blending our signature cool fermented dry cider with fresh-pressed Annapolis Valley peaches and finished with a touch of fresh ginger. A cryo-extraction process was used to bring out the acidity and roundness of the peach juice, intensifying notes of tropical fruit and warm peach pie. Topped with just a splash of fresh ginger juice, this sumptuous cider finishes with a clean and warming zip.

Strawberry & Lime

Charity: Shelter Movers Nova Scotia

Featuring fresh-pressed local strawberries balanced with a refreshing zing of pure lime juice, this 6.0% ABV summer sipper delivers delicate berry flavours with a crisp and clean finish. Blended with our signature cool fermented cider and a splash of fresh apple juice, this charming rose gold cider is the perfect escape from the summer heat. 

Grapefruit Cider Radler

Charity: Adrian Campbell Scholarship Fund

Bursting with bright citrus acidity and juicy hop aromatics, this 4.7% ABV radler-style cider is light and refreshing without holding back on flavour. With tropical Amarillo hops complimenting pure red grapefruit and lime juices, this zippy sessionable cider is the perfect way to enjoy a drink while keeping you going through a long bike ride, or an easy summer day. 

Grape & Mint

Charity: Campaign for Kids

Infused with fresh mint and blended with tangy cryo-extracted grape juice, this lively 7.4% ABV sparkling cider delivers an upfront hit of acidity with a clean and cooling sensation on the finish. With tropical tones of pineapple and mango intensified by the cryo-extraction process, the grape juice also provides weight and structure to the cider, along with a subtle golden hue. These bold flavours are complemented by crisp mint aromas, cleansing your palate and leaving you wanting more. 

Haskap and Cardamom

Charity: Acadia BLM/TRC Awards

This 7.7% ABV sparkling cider was crafted using local haskap juice and infused with organic green cardamom pods. With a striking ruby colour and notes of dried berries provided by the haskap, this cider is complemented by the bright citrusy aromas of cardamom. Blended with a touch of fresh pressed apple juice, this medium-bodied cider is supported by sturdy tannins and has a clean, tart finish.


Charity: Wolfville Children's Centre

Gingerbread is a 7.4% ABV sparkling cider that is sure to conjure up some childhood memories. Infused with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg and finished with a touch of freshly pressed ginger juice, this spiced cider is balanced with a dash of rich molasses, lending weight to the cider along with a luscious caramel colour. Perfect to enjoy next to a warm fire, this cider embodies the spirit of the holiday season.

Peach & Basil

Charity: Portal Youth Outreach Center

Peach & Basil is a 6.3% ABV sparkling cider created by infusing our dry-fermented cider with locally grown basil which was blended with freshly pressed Annapolis Valley peaches, and finished with a touch of brightly acidic early-harvest apple juice. With an enticing aroma of fresh garden basil and a light golden hue, this medium bodied cider delivers a round peachy flavour that plays off savoury herbaceous basil notes - perfect to help you capture the final warm days of the season.

Sour Cherry & Lemon Thyme

Charity: Wolfville Area Food Bank

Sour Cherry & Lemon Thyme is a 5.5% ABV sparkling cider created by infusing locally grown lemon thyme into our dry-fermented cider and blending it with freshly-pressed juice from local sour cherries and apples. The apples used in this blend include some of the first apples from the 2020 apple harvest. Bright cherry notes are balanced by the lemon flavours of the lemon thyme and are supported by the aromatics from the new apples. Refreshing and cherry-forward, Sour Cherry & Lemon Thyme tips its hat to the bountiful valley cherry harvest of 2020.

Strawberry & Mint

Charity: Valley Regional Hospital Foundation

Strawberry & Mint is a celebration of the valley's berry harvest season. This 6.2% ABV sparkling cider was created by infusing locally grown mint into a blend of our dry-fermented cider with a splash of Perry and freshly-pressed strawberry and apple juices. Bursting with flavours of strawberry and fresh mint, this cider is mouth-filling and luscious, yet has a bright effervescence and a balanced acidity that makes it thirst-quenching and refreshing.

Arctic Kiwi Perry

Charity: Free Spirit Therapeutic Riding Association

Arctic Kiwi Perry is a 6.8% abv sparkling perry crafted by combining the juice of locally harvested arctic kiwis with dry perry made from a blend of Bosc and Bartlett pears. Arctic kiwis, a grape-sized kiwifruit grown in northern climates that is similar in taste to their larger counterparts, lend weight and tropical notes to this off-dry aromatic perry that is medium-bodied with a clean, crisp finish.

Harvest Rosé

Charity: Ronald McDonald House Charities Atlantic

Harvest Rosé is a 7.2% abv sparkling cider-and-wine blend. Juice from locally harvested Marechal Foch, a French-American grape variety, was co-fermented with fresh-pressed Gravenstein apple juice. The dry cider-and-wine was then blended with small-batch dry Gravenstein ciders prepared by the retail staff at the Annapolis Cider Company that were fermented using four different yeast strains. Fresh-pressed Geneva Crab apple juice, a red-fleshed apple variety, was added to balance and finish the blend. The result is an elegant off-dry rosé cider with bright acidity and notes of red-berries and fresh apples.

Haskap & Pear

Charity: Clean Foundation

Haskap & Pear, a 7.0% abv sparkling cider, is a blend of our signature dry cider with juice from locally harvested Haskap berries and fresh-pressed juice from Bartlett, Bosc and Flemish Beauty pears. Haskap berries, also known as Blue Honeysuckle, are a berry similar to a blueberry, but with a much tarter taste that has been compared to a blend of raspberry and blackcurrant flavors. The tart Haskaps lend colour and tannin to this medium-bodied cider that features a deep rose hue, vibrant notes of ripe berries and subtle hints of aromatic pear.

Cascade Charmat

Charity: CAPRE - Community Association of People for REAL Enterprise

Cascade Charmat is a 9.1% abv unfiltered sparkling cider. Fresh-pressed juice from a blend of apples, including McIntosh, Northern Spy and Jonagold varieties, was cool-fermented dry over six weeks in our signature style. This dry cider was then transferred to a pressure-resistant tank to undergo a secondary fermentation using the Charmat Method to generate fine persisting bubbles. Once secondary fermentation was complete, a dosage was prepared from a blend of Golden Russet cider and Flemish Beauty perry infused with fresh cascade hops and was then gently layered with the Charmat Method cider to preserve the natural carbonation. The result is a crisp cider with fresh apple aromas complemented by the delicate citrusy notes of Cascade hops that is dry on the palate while retaining its primary fruit character and finishing with a hint of bitter from the hops.

Raspberry & Russet

Charity: Children's Wish Foundation, Nova Scotia Chapter

Raspberry & Russet, is a 6.8 abv sparkling cider crafted from a blend of Golden Russet cider with fresh-pressed raspberry juice. Golden Russet apples, Nova Scotia’s quintessential cider apple variety, were pressed and the juice was fermented in our signature style. This dry cider was blended with a touch of perry made from Bosc pears to lend weight. This specialty blend was then combined with tart raspberry juice from locally harvested raspberries to yield a crisp and aromatic cider with a delicate rose-hue that is brimming with bright notes of fresh raspberries complemented by subtle hints of ripe apple.

Cherry & Coriander

Charity: Wolfville School Activity Park

Cherry & Coriander, a 7.3% abv sparkling cider, is a blend of fresh Montmorency cherry juice and our signature dry cider infused with crushed coriander seeds. Fresh-pressed juice from diverse apple varieties, including Northern Spy, McIntosh and Cortland apples, was fermented to dry and combined with the juice of Montmorency cherries, a variety of sour cherries with light-red skin and yellow-flesh. The blend was then cold-steeped with crushed coriander seeds to lend lemony citrus aromas. This aromatic cider has bright notes of tart cherries, a hint of citrus and spice, and a crisp finish.

Rhubarb & Rose Hips

Charity: Rowan’s Room Respite & Developmental Centre

Rhubarb & Rose Hips is a 7.0% sparkling cider made from a blend of fresh rhubarb juice, and cider crafted from Golden Russet and Cox’s Orange Pippin apples, that was infused with dried rose hips. The fruit of rose plants after the blooms fall way, rose hips are known for their tart flavour which is comparable to that of cranberries. This refreshing cider is bursting with bright notes of tangy rhubarb and rose hips, has light floral aromatics with a hint of red berries, and a clean, crisp finish.

Peach & Sea Salt

Charity: Horton High School Safe Grad

Peach & Sea Salt is a 5.9% abv sparkling cider made from a blend of our signature dry cider, wild fermented Northern Spy cider, and peach juice. Atlantic sea salt locally sourced from the Eastern Shore and smoked over applewood chips was added to the blend to enhance flavour, mouthfeel, and aroma. This cider has bright notes of ripe peaches, a hint of minerality and a clean finish.

Hopped Pear

Charity: Refresh Annapolis Valley

The 2019 Hopped Pear is a 6.3% sparkling perry and apple blend.  Fresh-pressed juice from locally harvested Flemish Beauty and Bosc pears were fermented separately to create two distinct perries. The Flemish Beauty perry was fermented to dry and cold-steeped with cascade hops.  This dry-hopped perry was then blended with dry Bosc perry and finished with a touch of fresh-pressed apple juice. The result is a crisp and refreshing perry highlighted with light aromas of citrusy-hops that is balanced out by mellow notes of ripe pear and fresh apple and finishes with a hint of bitter.

Storm Cider

Charity: The Red Door

A 7.3% abv sparkling cider brimming with bright fruit flavours. Juice from handpicked Gravenstein apples was cool-fermented dry in our signature style and blended with a medley of local blueberry, strawberry, arctic kiwi, rhubarb, and blackcurrant juices. The result is a refreshing rose-hued cider with vibrant notes of fresh berries and a crisp finish.

Wine & Blackcurrant

Charity: Enactus Acadia

A 7.2% abv unfiltered sparkling cider-and-wine blend. Juice from two grape varieties, Leon Millot and L’Acadie Blanc, underwent a co-fermentation with fresh-pressed Gravenstein apple juice to create a unique cider-and-wine blend. Blackcurrant juice was added to lend colour and tannin and the blend was then infused with bay leaves, rosemary, sage, and winter savoury. The result is a medium-bodied cider with a deep red hue, subtle herbal aromatics and bright notes of tart blackcurrants.

Spiced Plum

Charity: Nourishing Community Food Bucks Program

A 6.3% abv sparkling cider and perry blend infused with a medley of autumn-inspired spices and finished with fresh Shiro plum juice. Fresh-pressed juice from Northern Spy and Paula Red apples was fermented to dry and combined with a single varietal perry made from Flemish Beauty pears. This blend was then cold-steeped with a mix of cinnamon sticks, green cardamom pods, sliced fresh ginger, whole nutmeg and allspice to infuse the aromas and flavours of these favourite pie spices. Fresh juice from local golden Shiro plums was added to balance and impart a hint of tartness to this aromatic cider.

Muscat Mojito

Charity: Mudley Fund

A 7.1% abv sparkling cider that was crafted by infusing Muscat grape skins, mint and fresh limes in our apple cider. Muscat grapes, a variety grown in Nova Scotia prized for its floral and tropical notes, were fresh-pressed and the skins were incorporated into an active apple cider ferment to extract flavour, colour and tannin using a punch-down method typical for red wine fermentations. The dry cider was then infused with locally grown mint and lime zest. Finished with a touch of fresh Northern Spy juice, this unique rose-hued cider is refreshing and aromatic with distinct notes of mint and Muscat.

Honey Blossom

Charity: Terranaut Club

A 7.0% abv sparkling cider crafted by infusing our signature cool-fermented dry apple cider made from diverse apple varieties with locally picked elderflowers and purple lilac blossoms. Finished with a touch of local wildflower honey and fresh-pressed apple juice, this is an aromatic and full-bodied cider with lush floral notes.

Pazazz & Grapefruit

Charity: Chrysalis House

A 6.8% abv single varietal, sparkling cider made from Pazazz apples infused with fresh ruby grapefruit zest. Pazazz, a new dessert apple variety descended from Honeycrisp, is grown locally and is renowned for its sweet and tart flavour as well as its crisp texture. Cool-fermented dry in our signature style, this aromatic cider was finished with a touch of fresh Pazazz juice to highlight the characteristic fresh apple notes of this variety that is complemented by subtle hints of grapefruit.

Mixed Berry & Pear

Charity: Ross Creek Centre for the Arts

A 7.0% abv sparkling cider with a blend of strawberry, blackcurrant and bosc pear juices with our signature dry cider. Tart blackcurrants lend colour and tannin to this medium-bodied cider that features a deep rose hue, vibrant notes of ripe strawberries and subtle hints of aromatic pear.

Arctic Kiwi

Charity: SMILE - Acadia University

A 6.6% abv unfiltered sparkling cider crafted by combining the juice of locally harvested arctic kiwis with dry cider made from a diverse blend of apple varieties, including McIntosh, Cortland and Hyslop Crabapples. This aromatic cider has bright, tangy notes of fresh kiwi with a crisp finish.

Crabapple & Tangerine

Charity: Kings Point-to-Point

A 5.0% abv unfiltered sparkling cider that is refreshingly tart. This cider is made from locally hand-picked crabapples that were pressed and fermented dry and then finished with fresh apple juice, perry and a touch of tangerine juice and zest.  The result is a bold cider with tangy notes of tangerine and sharp apple.

Wine & Strawberry

Charity: Wolfville Area Food Bank

A 5.9% abv unfiltered sparkling cider-and-wine blend that is a unique fusion of dry cider, red wine and strawberry juice.  Apples hand-picked exclusively in the Annapolis Valley were cool-fermented and combined with red wine made from local Leon Millot grapes.  Cryo-extracted juice from local strawberries picked at the peak of strawberry season was then added to the blend. The result is an aromatic medium-bodied cider with soft tannins and bright notes of fresh juicy strawberries.


Charity: Wolfville Volunteer Fire Department

A 6.5% abv unfiltered sparkling perry made exclusively from local hand-picked Flemish Beauty pears and infused with wild-foraged juniper berries.  Flemish Beauty pears, an heirloom variety prized for its delicate flavour and fragrant aroma, were fresh-pressed and the pear juice underwent an arrested fermentation.  Juniper berries, the seeds from coniferous juniper trees which give gin its distinctive flavour, were foraged from Peggy’s Cove and Prospect Bay, and then crushed and immersed in the perry for flavour extraction.  The result is a pale-hued perry with a delicate woodsy aroma and a complex palate of sweet pear and balmy pine with a hint of citrus.

Currant & Cardamom

Charity: Valley Hospice Foundation

A 6.8% abv unfiltered sparkling cider made from cool-fermented dry cider, featuring early harvested apples, including Vista Bella, Paula Red and Jersey Mac, blended with fresh blackcurrant juice and infused with green cardamom pods. The resulting cider has an intense purple hue with notes of tangy blackcurrant and subtle aromatic autumn spice with a hint of bitter in the clean, dry finish.

Raspberry Rooibos

Charity: Wolfville Childrens Centre

A 6.7% abv unfiltered sparkling cider. Crafted from a unique blend of dry cider fermented over red delicious apple skins, with fresh juice from local handpicked raspberries, and then cold-steeped with loose leaf red rooibos tea leaves. The apple skins lend tannin and structure to this scarlet-hued cider that showcases the bright aroma and flavour of fresh raspberries, that is rounded out by mellow hints of earthy rooibos.

Strawberry Rhubarb

Charity: Bicycle NS - Blue Route

A 6.3% abv sparkling cider crafted from a blend of our signature cool-fermented dry apple cider with the fresh juices of local hand-picked ruby-red rhubarb, garden strawberries and finished with a touch of fresh-pressed apple juice.  The result is a pale-rose tinged cider with bright notes of juicy strawberries paired with the bold zing of tart rhubarb, a classic summer combination that is crisp and refreshing.

Sangria Cider

Charity: L'Arche Homefires

A 7.0% abv sparkling cider crafted by combining cool-fermented dry cider made from diverse apple varieties with dry red wine from locally sourced Frontenac Red grapes.  This blend was then finished with fresh-pressed apple juice, as well as juices from oranges, lemons and limes. With aromatic notes of citrus and crisp apple and the characteristic hints of cherry, blackcurrant and plum from the wine, this lively and refreshing rosé-hued cider is the perfect patio sipper.

Earl Blue

Charity: Wolfville School Activity Park

A 6.8% abv sparkling cider that is crafted from a blend of cool-fermented dry cider made from local diverse apple varieties, including Golden Russet and McIntosh apples, with juice from Nova Scotia grown wild blueberries and freshly-pressed apples. This blend was then cold-steeped with Earl Grey Tea leaves, a black tea infused with the oil of bergamot oranges, to add tannins and structure. The result is a fragrant blush-hued cider with aromatic notes of citrus and earthy wild blueberries that finishes with a hint of bitter from the tea.

Toasted Oak & Maple

Charity: Global Brigades - Acadia

A 7.9% alc./vol. cider crafted from our signature cool-fermented dry cider that was aged over French oak and balanced with juice from freshly-pressed Golden Russet and McIntosh apples, as well as a touch of valley-sourced maple syrup. The result is a sparkling cider that blends the subtle notes of toasted oak, caramel and vanilla with the flavour of tart apples and a hint maple on the finish.

Muscat Infusion

Charity: Big Brothers Big Sisters

A 7.1% alc./vol. cider crafted by infusing Muscat grape skins in our apple cider, thereby combining our love of Nova Scotia apples and grapes. Muscat is the most aromatic grape variety grown in Nova Scotia and is revered for its distinct tropical and floral notes. The skins from fresh-pressed Muscat grapes were incorporated into an actively fermenting cider made from diverse apple varieties. To extract the flavour from the Muscat skins, we used a punch-down technique typical of red wine ferments to extract aroma, tannin and colour. The resulting dry cider was balanced through an addition of freshly-pressed apple juice to produce a copper-hued cider with hints of tart apples and a delightful Muscat aroma.

Cranberry Clementine

Charity: Acadia S.M.I.L.E.

A 6.3% alc./vol. unfiltered sparkling cider that was blended by combining our characteristic dry-fermented cider base with fresh-pressed local cranberry and apple juices. The final blend was infused with clementine zest. The result is a deep blush hued cider with refreshing cranberry tartness augmented with aromatic notes of citrus.

Hopped Pear

Charity: Wolfville Area Food Bank

A 6.3% alc./vol. cider was crafted from a blend of perry made from cool-fermented dry Flemish Beauty pears and dry cider made from diverse apple varieties that were cold-steeped with cascade and mosaic hops and back-sweetened with fresh-pressed apple juice. The result is a clear and golden cider with the light flavour and aromas of citrusy-hops without any added bitterness that is balanced out by mellow notes of fresh pear.

Peach & Peppercorn

Charity: 4-H Club

Peach & Peppercorn is a 6.8% abv unfiltered sparkling cider with kick! Juice from yellow-fleshed, tree-ripened peaches, as well as fresh-pressed apple juice was blended with our signature dry cider and infused with freshly cracked black peppercorns. The result is a peppy cider that is well-balanced with bright and tangy notes of fresh peach and a subtle hint of mild heat.

Plum & Citrus

Charity: Flowercart

Citrus and Plum is a 6.1% unfiltered cider. Cool-fermented dry cider was combined with the fresh-pressed juice from Golden Plums and the first apples from the 2016 harvest (Vista Bella, Close and Jersey Mac). This cider blend was then infused with the zest of oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit to create a refreshingly tart cider with a crisp and citrusy finish.

Sour Cherry

Charity: Camp Brigadoon

A 7.1% alc./vol. cider crafted by combining dry cider made from diverse apple varieties with juices from local hand-picked sour cherries and freshly-pressed apples. The result is a blush-hued cider with fresh cherry aroma that is refreshingly tart.

Garden Strawberry

Charity: Wolfville Childrens Centre


Rhubarb Ginger

Charity: Nova Scotia Nature Trust

A 6.7% alc./vol. cider crafted by blending cool-fermented dry cider made from diverse apple varieties with juice from local hand-picked rhubarb, freshly-pressed apples and a touch of fresh ginger.  The result is a tart and refreshing cider with notes of fresh apple and rhubarb with a hint of mellow ginger heat.

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